Yoga in a variety of styles - Hatha, Flow, and Yin. It's teacher's choice in this class, and so you may have a flow class one week and a yin class the next, but all classes will be gentle and encourage you to listen to your body.  Led by Katie.

Beginner Yoga

Great for people who have never practiced yoga. We really slow it down in this class, focusing on alignment and breathing in order to lay solid foundations for future practice.  Led by Katie.

Early Birds

Start your day off with a centred and balanced practiced. You'll leave feeling calm, invigorated, and ready for your day.  Led by Katie.

Yoga Nidra

A guided, meditative practice of withdrawing your senses and maintaining a state of consciousness between waking and sleep. There is no movement in this practice. Led by Katie (and sometimes subbed by Ellen).